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Unicity offers a global recession proof market, wherein you have an opportunity to earn $5,000.or even $10,000. your FIRST month, working from home.


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The Perfect Storm has arrived

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(Riding a Wave Only Happens At the Top)

Two of the most lucrative global markets

Weight Loss and Energy


have come together with proven products backed by absolute science, breakthroughs that have created a perfect opportunity .



The Perfect Storm

If you are serious about making an change, or want to get away from a lifestyle and carreer that is draining you, here is the opportunity you have waited for. Your once -in- a-lifetime moment!!
  • A Company with a strong Purpose
  • A Revolution in the global multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry.
  • A Revolution in the global multi-billion dollar Energy Market.
  • The best Compensation Plan in the Industry.
  • The people you want to work and associate with.
  • Progressive and proven state- of-the-art systems and training at your fingertips.
  • A Recession-proof business model


"My intention is to help empower individuals to step up to their dreams, coach and mentor them to reach every one of their goals and find that financial peace of mind that is so desperately needed in today's world."  Kathy


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Do you have an interest in helping people make their lives better?  monitarily? and with healthy options?

The Risks of Treating Diabetes with Drugs

We have the best Compensation Plan in the Industry, designed quickly launch your business forward.  This is vitally important especially today! 

Call Kathy  at  877-262-4991 and ask for the Peace of Mind Compensation plan review.

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Doctors and Cardiologists are excited about what Bios Life Slim is doing for their patients !

Umesh Patel, MD

Preventive & Diagnostic Cardiologist
Co-Founder, Louisiana Medical Center & Heart Hospital, New Orleans, LA


Catherine Hart, MD

Diabetes Specialist
Houston, TX


Anna Varughese, MD

Intervention Cardiologist
Houston, TX

Samantha Jarvin does a great training on Bios Life Slim, Super Chlorophyll andBios Life E Energy drink
Listen on the phone  (641) 715-3900 Ext. 57559#
Listen Online  :


"Dare to Dream"

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